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Hand Cream

Becoming an increasingly common site in work vans, office desks and sinks across the UK, hand cream is an easy to apply product, which gives you results both you and others can feel. So why are more and more people using it?

Our hands are put through a lot of stresses on a day to day basis, and need work to keep them feeling soft, smooth and healthy. Hands are also one of the first areas which begin to suffer from premature ageing, reinforcing the importance of keeping them well looked after. Here at The Beautiful, we stock a range of creams and moisturisers which allow you to achieve younger looking, nourished hands. The range includes hand creams for day to day use, as well as intensive treatments such as the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex, we recommend using this product as part of a wider hand care routine which also includes a daytime hand cream, for use when you are on the go.

Other brands within the range include Cloud 9, Dr Dennis Gross, and Heliocare. If you have any questions about the range, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.