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Moroccan Natural

Manufactured in the UK, Moroccan Natural products harness the natural power of Argan oil to create ethically sourced skin care and hair care products, which provide outstanding results.

All ingredients within Moroccan Natural products are responsibly sourced from exotic worldwide locations, and impressively over 98% of its oils are either Eco Cert or Social Association approved. To this end, they do not manufacture any creams or lotions, as this would involve introducing chemicals to stabilise the emulsions.

So what is so important about Argan Oil? An age old beauty secret and today widely in use with celebrities, Argan Oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and has been used for centuries to soften the hair, skin and nails. Moroccan Natural Argan oil comes from the west coast of Morocco, where local women extract the oil from the nuts of the Argan trees, which are an endangered species of tree, protected by UNESCO.

Moroccan Natural don’t just concentrate on Argan Oil, they also provide a range of other natural products including Rhassoul Clay and Natural Pearl Powder. If you have any questions about the range of products below, just get in touch.