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Boudicca Wode

A collaboration between Bouddica and Escentric Molecules, Bouddica Wode combines the complexity and darkness of oud, with a rich, radiant scent, making it the ultimate scent for the expressionists amongst us. 

The scents multi layered structure combines tobacco, cumin, jasmine and musk with raw opium and black hemlock. A warm scent is the result, which combines resins and woods which summons thoughts of deep northern forests. The multi-sensory experience described is exactly what the scent aims to achieve, and delivers on. 

The bottle is a vibrant jewel blue, whilst the box is marked with tribal tattoo patterns – a throwback perhaps to where the name of fragrance is derived. The name is derived from ‘Woad’ an intense blue plant extract used by ancient Britain’s to mark themselves with tribal markings.

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