Launched in 2015 by Deciem, Hylamide has been labelled the ‘first skincare range that delivers active ingredients to every depth of your skin’ All the products focus heavily on their formulation, which are designed to not only provide results at the skins surface, but also the skins subcutaneous levels. This is achieved through creating a wide range of molecules within their formulas, which deliver the right ingredients, into the right places. 

Deciem have a reputation for breaking down the skincare industries barriers by creating ‘abnormal’ products, and Hylamide certainly lives up to their parent companies reputation. One of our best sellers is the SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum, which delivers results you can see in just five days. It’s formula includes ingredients such as copper lysinate/prolinate to assist collagen production, Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex for skin cell renewal; Matrixyl Synthe’6, an advance anti-wrinkle peptide;Antartic Mixed Algae and of course, Hyaluronic Acid matrixes.