The Beautiful Mind Series

Breaking away from the perfume industries reputation of branding their perfumes and the women who wear them as objects of desire, the beautiful mind series celebrates both intelligence and creativity. The beautiful mind series is available in two volumes: 

Volume 1: Intelligence & Fantasy, which was inspired by Memory Grandmaster, Christiane Stenger. 

Volume 2: Precision & Grace: Inspired by classic ballet dance, Polina Semionova. 

These fragrances celebrate real achievements, and both Stenger and Semionova worked in partnership with the world renowned perfumer, Geza Schoen in their creation. In Schoen’s lab they explored many different ingredients, and chose those that only reflect how they feel about their own femininity. The branding of the series was carried out by design house Me Company, and depicts the beauty of the brain in action. The Beautiful Mind Series, is anti-conformism fragrance.