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Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Ageing Overnight Repair Mask - Deluxe (100ml)

While your mind wanders into a dream world, allow the Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Ageing Overnight Repair Mask work it's way into your skin to deliver exceptional moisture. Ideal for those with aged skin or simply anyone looking to keep the youthful radiance of their complexion for as long as possible, this innovative blend works to improve both your skin's texture and your mental clarity. Strawberry Seed extracts plump out fine lines to reduce visual blemishes while nourishing Rice Germ and Millet Seed oil inject moisture below the skin's surface. Using the scented notes of Rose and Frankincense, allow this deeply moisturising mix to work on improving your skin's health and bring a sense of peace to your soul at every use.

Available for worldwide delivery from the UK.

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