Aromatherapy Associates Polishing - Natural Exfoliating Scrub (200ml)


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For skin that glows like the sun and begs for an affectionate hand, the Aromatherapy Associates Polishing - Natural Exfoliating Scrub (200ml) produces exceptional results within the first few uses. After a full-packed and stressful week, scrub away the worries of yesterday and begin a fresh for whatever the future holds when you indulge in this intensive body exfoliant. Using natural products famed for their gentle but effective exfoliation properties, a blend of sea salt, coffee and grapefruit scrubs away dead skin cells this leaving behind a fruity aroma. Stimulating healthy circulation through out the body and providing key hydration to every inch of your body, bask in the aromatic scents of this truly exquisite body scrub.

Available for worldwide delivery from the UK.