Escentric Molecules - Molecule 04 (30ml) with Travel Case

Escentric Molecules


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The latest release from the groundbreaking collection, Escentric Molecules - Molecule 04 with Travel Case takes the singular isolation of Javanol into the lives of anyone who seeks it. With the undeniable radiance of sandalwood, Molecule 04 focuses on interrupted scent that partners with each individuals own pheromones to create a bouquet that stands alone among the rest. Delivered in it's 30ml form, the clear and uninterrupted stature of this iconic fragrance is housed in a minimalistic metal case for easy storage and transportation. Finished with an illustrious sheen thats calls out to the fingertips of every admirer, this case has been finished in a deep woody brown inspired by the earthy tones waiting to be discovered when one ventures within.


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