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Sachajuan Dark Volume Hair Powder Travel Size (75ml)

Deeply pigmented brunettes and noirettes bask in the nourishing ambience of their natural oils (and their owners - an extra 5 minutes in bed) when you choose the Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder. Specifically developed for darker hair and eliminating that white 'talcum powder' finish synonymous with traditional dry shampoos, this innovative dry mixture banishes dull and greasy locks to the depths of your memory in a flash. Delivered in a spray form, each lightweight mist settles effortlessly across your hair and scalp to draw away excess oils and leave hair bouncing with a new found and exuberant youth. From light cocoa through to ebony deep locks, you'll discover a supportive compadre in this versatile, Scandinavian formula.

Available for delivery within the UK only.

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