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Sachajuan Spray Wax Travel Size (75ml)

Toothbrush, cleansing water and the Sachajuan Spray Wax Travel Size - the only toiletries you'll need to ensure a fresh faced and catwalk ready start to your latest excursion. 'Ocean Silk Technology' melts through each and every strand with the power of sea algae to deliver exceptional nourishment while the inclusion of key wax agents helps to create pliable locks that mould into your desired style with impeccable ease. Those admiring glances that floated your way after leaving the salon - those are the same you can expect upon first application of this impressive formula which sits lightly on top of hair while also penetrating deep below for delectable moisture. Leaving no unsightly or hard to work out residue, this spray wax will become a trusted travel companion within days.

Only available for delivery within the UK.

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