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Skin Toner carries out a number of important tasks. First of all, it shrinks the appearance of your skins pores, through removing oil build up on the skins surface. Secondly, it works to balance the PH levels of your skin, because we use a lot of alkaline skin products, our skin compensates and in the process creates excess oil, toner interrupts this process. Thirdly, toner acts as a brilliant moisturiser, whilst increasing the effects of any moisturisers you use on your skin (toners help bind moisture to the skin, thanks to their humectant properties) Lastly, toner adds a layer of protection to the skin, helping your skin in the battle against environmental pollutants and aggressors.

Here at The Beautiful, we have worked hard to source a wide range of Toners online. Our range of toners is made up from the world’s most pioneering skincare brands, including Aromatherapy Associates, Germaine de Capuccini, Viliv and Dr Dennis Gross. Products from these brands include lotions, gels, scrubs, mists, oils and tonics to suit all skin types and budgets.

One of the bestselling products within the range of the Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Skin Tonic. This product is a refreshing and cooling skin tonic, distilled from the delicate petals of thousands of Bulgarian roses, it leaves the skin both fresh and hydrated. If you have any questions about our range of toners, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.