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Pure molecules with proven clinical results. Lixirskin is next-level skincare formulated by Dr Colette Haydon, a doctor of dermo-pharmacy.



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Lixirskin Universal Emulsion
Sale priceFrom $42.00 USD
Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste
Sale price$45.00 USD
Lixirskin Night Switch - Phytoestrogen & Peptide
Sale price$42.00 USD
Lixirskin Night Switch PHA/AHA
Sale price$31.00 USD
Lixirskin The Good Skin System
Sale price$101.00 USD
Lixirskin Ionic Shot
Sale price$38.00 USD
Lixirskin Peel Express
Sale price$44.00 USD
Lixirskin Universal Oil
Sale price$51.00 USD
Lixirskin Night Switch Essential Lipids
Sale price$36.00 USD
Lixirskin The Good Skin Trio Mini Set
Sale price$54.00 USD
Lixirskin Good Skin Shaker Super Dew
Sale price$51.00 USD
Lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber
Sale price$36.00 USD
Lixirskin Night Switch BHA/AHA 10%
Sale price$31.00 USD
Lixirskin Night Switch Retinol
Sale price$42.00 USD
Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser
Sale price$35.00 USD

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