Escentric Molecules - Escentric 01 (100ml)


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Defying tradition, Molecule 01 spun the perfume world a whole 360 degrees upon it's release. Now, Escentric 01 utilises this single molecule discovered by perfumer Geza Schoen to create the undefinable aura of this alluring fragrance, captivating wearers worldwide. A distinctively mixed formula, Iso E Super has been blended with zesty lime peel, orris, fresh musk and balsamic notes and combined with characteristically unique and seductively velvety cedarwood tones. Forming a unity with your own pheromones bouquet, this pioneering mix delivers an exceptionally unique savour for every wearer. Comfortingly warm with a scent that incites sultry evenings nestled into one another, this groundbreaking formula seems to come and go throughout the day - binding with selective receptors within the skin and choosing the right moment to spread it's tempting charm.