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Escentric Molecules Travel Refill Escentric 03 (30ml)


As functional as it is unique, the Escentric 03 travel refill takes intricately crafted fragrance on the road for exceptional affect. Utilising a formula crafted by Perfumer, Geza Schoen, Escentric 03 amplifies the distinct scents of vetiver, ginger and orris in it's bouquet to product a fragrance that celebrates three key ingredients in perfumes worldwide. Zesty like a juicy lime perched on a cocktail glass while also warming the soul from within with it's comforting tea notes, this statement fragrance pairs with the natural receptors in your body and your one-of-a-kind pheromones for a scent that is all your own. One moment, you stand in a mist of Egyptian jasmine and green peppercorn and the next it's gone, fading into the background awaiting it's next moment to shine. This travel refill set makes it even easier to take this illusive scent on all your travels.

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